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Server Hosting

Experience a hosting service built with focus on speed, security & reliability.

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$4.50 USD /mo

WordPress Hosting

Install in seconds the world's most popular and ready-to-go CMS.

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$3.99 USD /mo

Reseller Hosting

Get a reseller account that sells/manage cPanel accounts to other users.

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$29.75 USD /mo

Our Guarantees

benefits at a glance

Speed + Reliability

Host your applications and websites on a scalable, reliable secure hosting infrastructure capable of giving you the resources you need them and able to scale smoothly and handle growing traffic.

Enterprise Security

Get access to a end-to-end approach designed to deliver multi-tiered security, detect and respond to internal and external threats. Easily secure & harden your applications to sleep well at night.


We deliver one of the highest network availability with 8x fewer down-time hours than the next largest hosting provider. To achieve high availability, each host machine has a twin in stand-by.

Multi-Location Hosting

Need to deploy your application workloads across the globe in a single click? Or want to deploy closer to your end-users for that single-digit millisecond latency, we have secure data centers in different regions.


Ours is an agile environment designed to remove barriers & drive innovation. Accelerate time to market, quickly respond to changing market, prototype in half the expected time with dev-friendly built-in tools.

Disaster Recovery

OCS Hosting Service was built for enterprise systems with high reliability needs with no single points of failure. We have business continuity plan that accounts for major disasters and/or other incidents.

1-Click Applications

From complex applications to simple websites, find, compare, and immediately install for production, testing and development purposes over 450 softwares on a highly scalable and reliable web hosting infrastructure..

24/7 Support

Let our English & 日本語 technical support team help you plan, install & host solutions that drives your most important business goals. For enterprise customers, we offer technical account managers in multiple regions.


As we establish & build relationships with customers, they often write about their experiences with our platform.

My experience with this web hosting company has been nothing short of amazing. The level of support provided has been fantastic. I recommend them to anyone I know.

Tiffany M. Sanchez
Tiffany M. Sanchez

We have been with OCS Hosting for sometime now and still believe it was the best decision I made for our team. Their service has been top notch, responsive & friendly.

Robin, Tokyo
Robin, Tokyo

I consider them one of the most reliable web hosting company I have come across. If you are looking for a web hosting service, look no further. Believe me ... been around & seen others.

Alex, Singapore
Alex, Singapore

My former host was riddled with security issues. Decided to move the 73 websites to OCS Hosting and since then, never had a single issue. Fast & top-notch security.

Dave, Australia
Dave, Australia

We build websites for customers from all over the world. The fact that we can deploy each account to a specific region chosen by the customer is absolutely great.

LEAPi, Japan
LEAPi, Japan

Base in Canada & host over 233 accounts in their Portland data-center. The customer service is probably the best I have ever experienced from a host. Worth every penny.

Kyle, DigitalSignage
Kyle, DigitalSignage

Have been a customer with this hosting company for over 3 years now. Never fail me. The service has been reliable since I ordered my first hosting account. Love them.

Spencer, Boston
Spencer, Boston

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